Why With Us

Many years of experience as tour operators make it possible for us to supply you with interesting and unique itineraries in beautiful areas of China and southeast Asia. Discover the mysterious landscapes of China together with us, and join our programs to experience the exotic culture of minorities. You can also travel to such place as the dynamic city of Saigon by traveling along the oldest international narrow gauge railway between China and Vietnam, cruise down and up along Mekong River into Indo-China, enjoy with us the highlights of the ethnic groups in China and our other special tours, we can assure that you will have a fascinating experience.

Besides so many options of China classic, minority, golf and education tours and Yangtze cruises which may be easily found from other China travel websites, we also have these quite new and unique itineraries: cruise tours between China and Indo-china on Mekong River ( the most beautiful river section in the world, which will let you enjoy the last purity in the world and experience the completely different sceneries of Golden Triangle and Shangri-la ), the old railway search tour between China and Vietnam ( the first international narrow  gauge railway in China which was built in 1906 ), Tibet train tours, Chinese minority festival tours and trekking tours in China highland, city tours in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan...You will find we are the only Chinese tour operator who could supply you with such special and unusual tours.

1. Best Service ĘC All of our staff is always helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable

2. Good Suppliers -- Our high volumes and long established relationship with our suppliers allow us to offer many specials to you.

3. Prompt Response
-- We provide quick response both online and offline. Your emails will be replied in less than 6 hours generally for normal itineraries, and in less than 30 minutes if urgent. Our customer service team is 24 hours standby at any time and anywhere, with mobile phones on in 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

4. Consistent Performance -- You can count on us to make you and your clients vacation free of the hassles and worries associated with planning and taking a trip on their own. We always perform as we promised.

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