CC-28 Beijing-Xi’an-Guilin-Hangzhou-Suzhou-Shanghai (15D14N)

Day 01 Arrive in Beijing. Meet the local guide and transfer to the hotel. In the afternoon visit the Temple of Heaven in the southern part of Beijing is China's largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial buildings. Occupying an area of 273 hectares, it is three times the area of the Forbidden City. It was built in 1420 for emperors to worship Heaven. The principle buildings include the Altar of Prayer for Good Harvests, Imperial Vault of Heaven and Circular Mound Altar. The Altar of Prayer for Good Harvest, 38 meters in height and 30 meters in diameter, stands on a round foundation built with three levels of marble stones. This towering triple-eave hall is under a three-story, cone-shaped glaze-tile roof in blue color crowned with a gilded knob. A circular wall of polished bricks known as the Echo Wall encloses the Imperial Vault of Heaven. The Circular Mount Altar, south to the Imperial Vault of Heaven, is where the emperor prayed to heaven. At the center lies a round stone called the Center of Heaven Stone that echoes when a visitor speaks loudly when standing on the stone.
  (D) Overnight in Beijing
Day 02 After breakfast visit Tian'anmen Square, the largest public square in the world. Dominating the north side of the square is the massive red Tian'anmen Gate through which you will pass into the fabled Forbidden City and another age, where you will be shown the home to the members of the royal family and their court in China's Ming and Qing Dynasties. Visit Forbidden City, lying at the center of Beijing, the Forbidden City, called Gu Gong, in Chinese, was the imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Now known as the Palace Museum, it is to the north of Tiananmen Square. Rectangular in shape, it is the world's largest palace complex and covers 74 hectares. Surrounded by a six meter deep moat and a ten meter high wall are 9,999 buildings. The wall has a gate on each side. In the afternoon visit Summer Palace. Walking in this veritable museum of classical Chinese garden architecture that the royal family could relax away from the formal ceremony of the court is quite a pleasant experience. There are a number of pavilions as well as the Long Corridor that is now a popular place for people to spend the day on. And visit the imposing Temple of Heaven where the Emperor came each year to intercede with the Gods for a good and plentiful harvest.
(B/L/D) Overnight in Beijing
Day 03  After breakfast in the hotel you will make your way to the Great Wall where you will have the opportunity to not only see one of the most impressive sections of the Great Wall of China but you will be able to take a walk along it. After lunch you will travel some 30 miles (50 kilometers) northwest of Beijing to the Sacred Way with its fabulous stone animals. It leads you to the Ming Tombs in the shadow of Longevity Mountain. Visit to the Underground Palace of Dingling, will allow you to see imperial coffins, burial artifacts and treasures. In the evening have dinner in the local restaurant for Mogola Pot.
(B/L/D) Overnight in Beijing
Day 04  After breakfast visit the Lama Temple Beijing (Yonghegong), or Palace of Peace and Harmony Lama Temple or Yonghegong Lamsery, a renowned lama temple of the Yellow Hat Sect of Lamaism, is situated in the northeast part of Beijing city. Lama Temple features five large halls and five courtyards with beautifully decorative archways, upturned eaves and carved details. It houses a treasury of Buddhist art, including sculptured images of gods, demons and Buddhas, as well as Tibetan-style murals. Visit the Confucius Temple, is now the Capital Museum and houses a display on the culture and history of Beijing. Confucius was born in Qufu, China. The temple in Beijing is among the largest Confucian temples outside Qufu. Communism views Confucism in a dim light; Confucian philosophy was the worldview of Chinese feudalism. Despite the disfavor into which Confucian thought has fallen, the temple still has some interesting sights to offer visitors. Visit the Liuli Chang in the afternoon. To round off a memorable start to your tour, you will have Beijing Roast Duck Dinner at the most famous and century-old Quan Ju De restaurant.
(B/L/D)   Overnight in Beijing 
Day 05  In the morning take flight  from Beijing to Xi'an. Visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The square, seven-story pagoda was built in 652 AD and is a fine example of Tang Dynasty Buddhist architecture. Visit Xi'an Old City Wall from the 14th century. Visit the Chinese Moslem Mosque, the Moslems of Xi'an live beyond a dark tunnel at the end of which sit trees. The bright lights perched on the sparse branches punctuate the darkness like tiny pin pricks of neon. In the late hours when few are about the lights elongate the shadows of passers-by. The Moslem quarter is a filthy and beautiful place. The area is the focal point for Xi'an's Moslem's of which there are said to be 70,000. This census is hotly contested by all. Visit the Forest of Steles, situated at the bottom of the City wall, the Forest of Steles has the best steles of ancient dynasties of this province and is a treasure house of the Chinese calligraphic art. The Forest of Steles ,founded in 1090 A.D.(fifth year of Yuanyou of the Northern Song Dynasty )houses over 2300 steles of the Han, Wei, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Among the well-known steles of "the Stele of Si Mafang "of the Jing," the Stele of the Canans of Filial Piety on Stone Terraces", "the Stele of the Stone Classics of Kaichen "and "the Popular Stele of Daqin Nestorianism" of the Tang. Exhibited here are also stone tablets on which are engraved the handwritings of such Tang calligraphical masters as Ouyang Xun,Chu Suiliang,Yan Zhenqing and Liu Gong-quan.
(B/L/D)   Overnight in Xi'an 
Day 06  Excursion to Litong. Then visit Terracotta Warriors Museum. The thousands of life size soldiers and horses were created to guard the tomb of Qin Shi Huangdi, the first Emperor to unite China under his firm rule. The royal tomb itself has yet to be opened but the rank upon rank of Warriors is a sight that is unrivalled anywhere in the world. In the evening you will enjoy a local speciality, the Dumpling Dinner, the popular food in the Chinese Lunar New Year. Then enjoy the Chinese show of music and traditional dances near the " Tang Dynasty ".
(B/L/D)  Overnight in Xi'an 
Day 07  In the morning take flight  from Xi'an to Guilin. Sightseeing in Guilin.
(B/L/D)  Overnight in Guilin
Day 08  After breakfast, take a short drive to join a cruise that will take you on a voyage of discovery along the Li River. The river wends its way through the unique scenery of Karsts (limestone mountains) that have strange and fabulous shapes. Admire the shapes and try to guess their names - Crown Rock, Conch Hill, Jade Lotus Peak and Snow Lion Peak are just a few while enjoying lunch on board. In the afternoon back to Guilin.
(B/L/D)  Overnight in Guilin
Day 09  Free time in the morning, after lunch take flight  to Hangzhou. Meet the local guide and visit the Linying Temple, the Temple of Inspired Seclusion, known as Linying Temple in Chinese, is one the most famous ancient Buddhist temples in China. It was first built by an Indian monk in 326AD during the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317 - 420AD) and was last restored in the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911).
 (B/L/D)  Overnight in Hangzhou
Day 10  After breakfast visit West Lake, is one of the most beautiful sights in Hangzhou and has inspired Chinese painters for centuries. In Chinese legend West Lake has been referred to a jewel fallen from the heavens. Visit Six Harmony Pagoda, first built in 970AD during the Northern Song Dynasty (960 - 1127), the Six Harmony Pagoda represents the six Buddhist ordinances, harmonies of heaven, earth, north, south, west, and east. From top of the pagoda there is and impressive view of the Qiantang River. Visit the Garden of the Bonsais.
 (B/L/D) Overnight in Hangzhou
Day 11  After breakfast take soft seat train to Suzhou. Meet the local guide and transfer to the hotel. After lunch cruise on the Suzhou ancient canal.
(B/L/D) Overnight in Suzhou
Day 12  Visit the Humble Administrator's Garden, the Garden of the Master of the Net. Visit Tiger Hill (Hu Qiu) is the most famous sight of Suzhou, with old trees and cultural relics everywhere-- the Sword Testing Stone, the Broken Beam Hall, the Thousand Men Rock, the Sword Pond, etc. The millennium-old Yunyan Pagoda, also known as the Leaning Tower, stands on top of the hill and is regarded as the symbol of Suzhou. "It's a pity of a lifetime if you have been to Suzhou but missed the Tiger Hill," said Su Shi, the Song Poet. 
(B/L/D) Overnight in Suzhou
Day 13  After breakfast go back Shanghai by car. Visit Zhujiajiao on the way. Arrive in Shanghai and transfer to the hotel.
(B/L/D) Overnight in Shanghai
Day 14  After breakfast visit the Old City of Shanghai, and the Yuyuan Garden, laid out in the 16th century by a Ming official, this small (2 hectares) garden is a delight of pools, pavilions and rock gardens. Strolling through the bazaar surrounding the garden, you will find lines of stores that sell traditional Chinese arts and crafts. visit the Jade Buddha Temple, which is a good place to go whether you are a Buddhist or not, the peaceful and transcendent atmosphere adds a kind of richness to our busy modern society. In the evening enjoy the Portman Acrobatic Show in the evening.                                          (B/L/D)  Overnight in Shanghai
Day 15  After breakfast transfer to the airport for leaving.    (B)

Quotation  Peak Season ( Apr. – Nov. ) Slack Season ( Dec. – Mar. )  
 ( USD p/p ) Budget Standard Luxury Budget Standard Luxury
2-5 pax  2675  2769 3022   2605    2706  2988   
6-9 pax   2289   2396 2658   2199   2349 2596   
Single Room Supplement     858    1056  1159    799     988  1066   
10 pax up   1975    2099 2389   1936    2062  2352   
Single Room Supplement     669      755  985    586     628    896   
Monthly Special Offer ( Min. Pax: 10 )  1795   1906    1758  1865  
Single Room Supplement     622      725    559    596
* 3 domestic flights in the economic class with tax ( Beijing/Xi'an/Guilin/Hangzhou )
* One soft seat train from Hangzhou to Suzhou
* 3* hotel ( budget ), 4* hotel ( standard ) or 5* hotel ( luxury ) , twin-bed room with private 
  shower and WC
* English speaking local guide
* Daily meals ( exclude the special flavor food )
* Admission charges where applicable as shown in the tour description
* Transportation in the program
* Service charges for baggage handling between hotel and airport
* Domestic travel insurance

* International flights and tax
* Personal consumption
* Visa fee
* Tips for guide, driver and porter

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