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Chengdu , the capital of Sichuan P rovince in the southwest , has been the economic and cultural center of China 's most populous province since 400 BC

During the Eastern Han Dynasty (35-330 AD), the imperial court appointed an official to supervise the fast-growing brocade industry in the town. It was then known as Jincheng, or Brocade Town . When it was discovered that the brocade turned brighter and fresher after being washed in a nearby river, the river was given the name Jin Jiang, or Brocade River .

During the Five Dynasties era (907 -960 A . D.), it was for a time the capital of China , and hibiscus was planted all along the city wall. Because of this, it then became known as the City of Furong or Hibiscus. Today, flowers and trees grace the wide streets and its many parks. Agriculture and light industry are the mainstays of the region. Brocade is still manufactured along with other textiles and handicrafts. If you stay in Chengdu , you may be able to see an operatic production. The Sichuan Opera has been in existence for many years and is slowly winning nationwide fame.

Places of interest in the city include Du Fu Caotang, a small thatched hut in which the great poet, Du Fu, of the Tang Dynasty , wrote many of his 340-odd poems.

But more exciting sights can be seen on excursions to Mt. Emei , the Great Buddha Statue at Leshan, the Thousand Buddha Cliffs at Guangyuan and the Guanxian Dam.
กคThe Temple of Zhuge Liang ( Wuhou Memorial )
กคDu Fu Thatched Cottage