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Hohhot Location

Hohhot (meaning ‘blue city' in Mongolian) is the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The center of Mongolian culture, i t became a military and religious center in the later Ming (late 16th century ) and Qing periods. Now the political, cultural, and industrial center of Inner Mongolia, Hohhot is a center for wool and leather products, building materials, iron and steel production, and fertilizer plants.

Located in the center of Inner Mongolia, south of the Daqingshan River , Hohhot is 410 km (254 mi les ) west of Beijing . The city was founded only in 1581 by the Mongol Prince Altan Khan. The Qing dynasty Kangxi Emperor maintained troops in the town after establishing control over the Mongols. It became the capital of Inner Mongolia in 1952.

Of special interest to tourists is t he Mongol summer festival called Naadam, usually held around mid-August . The festival features traditional Mongolian sports such as wrestling, horse racing, camel racing, and archery, mostly based on nomadic military skills.

·Dazhao Temple
·Zhaojun Tomb
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