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Jinan Location

Jinan , capital of Shandong Province , is on the southern bank of the Yellow River, north of the famous Mt . Tai . The Beijing-Shanghai and Qingdao-Jinan railways meet here.

The area was first inhabited during the Neolithic Period . Some 3,600 years ago, walls were built to enclose the town, which was then called Lu. The name was changed to Jinan 3,100 years ago because it was located to the south of the ancient Jishui River . In 1116, Jinan was established as a prefecture, and in 1368 it became the provincial capital.

For centuries, the city has been renowned for its lakes and springs, including Daming Lake , and “The First Spring under Heaven , ” the Baotu Springs.

The most exciting sights on a trip to Jinan , however, are probably excursions to Qufu, the birthplace of the ancient philosopher, Confucius, and Mount Tai , the best of the country's “ Five Sacred Mountains .”

·Daming Lake
·Baotuquan ( Jet Spring )
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