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If Tibet is the "roof of the world," then its capital, Lhasa , is certainly the city of the sun. Standing on a plain over 13,000 feet above sea level, surrounded by towering mountains, Lhasa is a town bathed in sunlight.

Tibet has suffered fluctuating fortunes over the centuries. Historical records reveal little about the region before the seventh century, when King Songzan Ganbu (617 -650 A .D.) unified the area and introduced the Sanskrit alphabet. During the centuries that followed, Buddhism took root in Tibet , introduced from India into China by pilgrims traveling the " Silk Road " far to the north.

Buddhism was influenced by the local religion, called Bon, and developed into a form called Lamaism. By the 10th century, the religious movement began to assert political leadership as well. In 1573, a r eincarnation of Zongkaba, the founder of the "yellow hat" sect devoted to religious reform, became the first Dalai Lama.
Nietang Buddha
Sera Monastery
Drepung Monastery
Barkhor Street
Jokhang Temple
Potala Palace
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