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Inner Mongolia
Neimenggu is short for Inner Mongolia Autonomous region. It lies in the northern border in China, has an area of 1.1 million square kilometers, and with a population of 1.8 million.
The main topography here is plateau. The elevation is about 1,000 meter. The plateaus are not precipitous and they can be continuous more than 2,400 kilometers from the east to west. And in the east, there are some wide plains. But in the west, there is gobi and deserts, and the areas of them are wide. In the middle, there is the Yin Mountain. To the south of the Yin
Mountain, because of the lash of the Yellow River and its tributaries, there is Hetao Plain. It has a continental climate in the temperate zone. From the northeast to the southwest, the climate is from humid to dry, including four areas. Inner Mongolia abounds in mineral resources. The reserves of mite, niobium, sand, vermiculite, agate, natural soda, pyrite, silica sand and gypsum are amongst the most abundant in China.
Wheat, corn and oil are the important agricultural products. The output of sunflower seeds, castor beans and sugar-beets is in the important place. In Inner Mongolia the animal husbandry is well developed, and is the production base in China. The amount of horses, camels and little livestock are in the first places. Its industrial base includes metallurgical industry, coal, electric power, machine, forest industry and the processing of animal husbandry products.
The railway, highway and aviation form the traffic network. Both trucks and camels are very important for the short distant transportation. There are some boundless grasslands, the gobi, the deserts, the woods' fields and the snow fields. The natural sight is multicolored, and the national culture is colorful too. The places of interest are Zhaojun Tomb in Huhehaote, the Five-towers Temple, the Zhao Temple in Wudang Mountain, the Chenggisihan Tomb in Yijinhuoluo. The traditional specialties are pure wool coarse string, Alashan camel's hair, Xilinguoluo mushroom and Hetao melon.