Dali Ancient Town

The Ancient Town of Dali, nestled in the arms of the enormous Cangshan Mountain, and surrounded by a wall eight meters high and 3.5 kilometers in circumference, the 600-year-old city of Dali was first built in 1683, in the 15th year of the Hongwu reign during the Ming Dynasty. Featuring stone walls, grey-tiled roofs, doors and windows carved with dragon and phoenix patterns, and gardens of varying sizes, the dwellings of Dali have an air of classic sanctity. The entire city is covered by a maze of streams, fed by runoffs from the Cangshan Mountain. Hence the saying, " The gurgling of water can be heard in every house, and flowers are planted everywhere". It is also the staring point of the Mild Seven Outdoor Quest, which has been held here in both 1998 and 1999.

There are daily tourist buses leaving from Kunming to Dali sometime around 8 to 9 am. The bus takes about 7 hours each way and costs CNY 100. Train and flights are also available

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