Wild Elephants Valley

Wild Elephants Valley (Yexiang gu) lies at the juncture of the western and eastern part of the Menyang natural reserve about 47 kilometers north of the city of Jinghong.

Wild Elephants Valley covers an area of 369 hectares by the Sancha River in Mengyang Town, the valley is covered by tropical rain forests, crisscrossed by rivers and streams, and teeming with such endangered species as Asian wild elephants, wild oxen, green peacocks and monkeys.

To the Dai people, the elephant is the symbol of good luck, might and longevity. Wild Elephants Valley is the place in Xishuangbanna where wild elephants move about most often and frequently. There are currently 300 elephants living in the dense forest in Xishuangbanna, known locally as the "kingdom of elephants".

In the Wild Elephants Valley, the first passenger cableway with 2,063 meters of length in the equatorial forest sends the tourists to the main scenic spot in which the wild elephants live. The tourists can drink in the beauty of the scenery of the equatorial forest at the top, in the forest; when the wild elephants appear, in the main scenic spot the tourists can walk about on the overhead corridor and enjoy the scene of elephants bathing, playing water and seeking for food; the on-tree elephants-enjoying hotel is neighboring on the wild elephants and various birds.

Outside the main scenic spots of the Wild Elephants Valley, tourists can appreciate wonderful performances given by the first elephant-domesticating school of China, the butterfly world inside the first butterfly-farming park in China, and the tropical birds in the hundred-bird park

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