Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool is another name for Jade Spring Park . Located at the foot of Elephant Mountain, it was originally built in 1737. There is a spring under a chestnut tree at the foot of Elephant Mountain. It flows day and night and forms a big pond with a total area of 40,000 square meters (about 10 acres). The spring water is as clear as jade. Meanwhile the purely white, edible seaweed flowers are abloom; the lovely fish swim in the water happily; the straight trees grow vigorously; and pavilions and cabins dot the beautiful sceneries. Everything is wonderful.

The water in the pond is warm in cold winter, cool in hot summer. It is very good for your skin. Above the surface of the pond there is always white vapor flowing in winter, which makes you feel like you are in the warmth of spring sunshine.

Standing on the Suocui Bridge and looking into the north, you will see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain  floating on a piece of white cloud. The blue sky, the clouds, the snow mountain, and the old trees all have their reflections in the pond which is like a mirror. The whole view is really amazing.

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