Shudu Lake

Located at the northeast of the city of Shangri-la with a very convenient transportation. Shudu lake is 43 km from the city. Now it is constructed into a high-land pasture resort. The lake is 3705 metres above the sealevel with is square kilmetres of water area, it is one of the biggest lakes in Diqing Prefecture. The lake water is so limpid that people could see the cracked-stomach fish produced in the lake whose colour is golden and there is a crack line along its stomach.

Around the lake, there are dense forest of fir spruce and birch. There lives different wild animals such as musk deer, bear, leopard, golden cat, deer, pheasant etc.
Shuda Lake is a famous pasture in Diqing Every Spring and summer, herds of yak and goat grazing beside the lake the sheperd`s shelters dots on the grassland, frequenly. People can hear the sound of flute comes from afar. Staying beside the lake, you can deeply feel the quiet and leisurely life of high-land people.
Shudu lake pasture Resort has provide people with the service of hiking around the lake. horse-riding tour. watching wild fauna and flora in the primitive forest and fishing in the lake, etc. Tourists coming here could freely chose these tour items


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