White Water Terrace

The White Water Terrace (the wonder formed by calcium carbonate sinter) is approximate 90 kilometers from the center of Zhongdian county. It is located in the Bai people village at the foot of Haba Snow Mountain. The terrace slope is 140 meters in length and 160 meters in width, with a semicircular platform pool on the top surrounded by white limestone.

The spring water runs down from the top row after row to the bottom, like a white terraced fields. The cream color spring water leaves people a picture of " thousands of clouds tides and snow waves ". Previously, the spring water was carbonic acid spring water, containing great amount of pure calcium carbonate elements. Accumulating over years, it has become the present extraordinary Baishui Terrace. Opposite the Baishui Terrace, there is a Shiluo Cave. As it is told from a legend that the Dongba Shiluo, the master priest of Naxi Dongha culture once practiced self - cultivation in this cave.

On every February 8 of the lunar year, the Naxi people living in the Sanba gather to celebrate the traditional February 8th Festival with presentation of dances and songs. Tourists are attracted to participate in this folk holiday while enjoying the wonderful landscape of Baishui Terrace. What fun it is to make a trip there!

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