Sun and Moon Pool

Sun Moon Lake is situated to the north of Yu Shan (Jade Mountain) and to the south of Nenggao Mountain, Nantou County in Taiwan Province. It is the biggest natural lake in Taiwan and is formed by the accumulated water in the broken basin between Yu Mountain and Ali Mountain streams. The surface of the lake is 760 meters above sea level, its perimeter is 35 kilometers, the depth of the water is 30 meters on average and the lake area is over 900 hectares. There is a small island inside Jihueh Pool which looks like a pearl on the surface of the water, hence the name "Pearl Islet". After the victory of Japanese war, it was renamed "Gueng Hua (brilliance) Islet" in celebration of recovering Taiwan. To the north-east of the islet, the water is in a shape as round as the sun, so it is called Sun Lake while the water in the south-west looks like the moon, so it is called Moon Lake. Hence the combined name Sun Moon Lake.

The beauty of Sun Moon Lake is rested upon the mountains circling the lake. Peaks rise one upon another and range upon range of hills, green and luxuriant, the broad water surface, mirror-like calm water, azure lake water, islet in the lake, hill in the water, the light of waves and shadow of mists and different morning and evening scenery all year round, poetic and picturesque.

On the mountain alongside the Sun Moon Lake, many places of interest were constructed. There are Temple of Wen Wu (civil and military officials), Peacock Garden, Temple of Butterfly, Xuanguang Temple, Hsuan Chang Temple and Hanbi (noble jade) Tower etc. Pavilions, terraces and towers are wonderful spots to enjoy the sights. Among the natural scenery all around, temples and ancient pagodas are dotted hither and thither, this adds more air of great antiquity and serenity, full of traditional culture of the Chinese nation. The more attractive ones are Hsuan Chuang Temple at the foot of Blue Dragon Mountain, Tannan and Wen Wu Temple up the half way of the Mountain, Tanbei. Inside the Hsuan Chuang Temple, statue of the eminent monk Hsuan Chuang of Tang Dynesty is enshrined. The horizontal inscribed board "National Master of Law", is hung inside the temple. At the back part of the temple, there is a staircase of stone of 1300 odd flights, leading upwards the Hsuan Chuang Hall. The Temple, standing tall and imposing, brilliant and grand, is full of national characteristics. The Wen Wu Temple is constructed alongside the mountain, full of power and grandeur. The building is magnificent indeed, with red eaves gutter and green tiles, high towers and superb pavilions. The statue of Confucius is enshrined in Wen Temple while in Wu Temple, the statue of Guan Yu (A famous General in Han Dynasty) is enshrined. Besides, The statues of Holy Farmer King, Wen Chang King and Jade Emperor are worshipped here too.

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