Three Gorges Dam Project

Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River has been a dream for generations and will be the greatest project since the erection of the Great Wall and the Grand Canal. The dam will be the largest hydropower station and dam in the world, with a 1.2 mile stretch of concrete and a 370 mile-long reservoir and 525 feet deep.

The construction of the the Three Gorges Dam include three stages:
1993-1997: The Yangtze River was diverted after four years in November 1997.
1998-2003: The first batch of generators will begin to generate power in 2003 and a permanent ship lock is scheduled to open for navigation the same year.
2004-2009: The entire project is to be completed by 2009 when all 26 generators will be able to generate power.

The Three Gorges Project will hold 36 billion cubic yards of water. A big lake will appear in the Three Gorges, covering 418 square miles and stretches for 373 miles, With $30 billion US Dollars investment, and annual output of electricity 84.7 kilowatt hours.

The Three Gorges Project will be a vital important and backbone project in harnessing and developing of the Yangtze River. It benefits mainly for flood control, power generation and navigation improvement

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