Yuyuan Garden

The Yuyuan Gardens is situated at the south district of Shanghai City. It was constructed in the period of Emperor Jiajing's rein of Ming dynasty from 1559 and completed in 1577. It has a history of more than 400 years. It is a famous classical garden in the south of China, the total area of which is over 20 thousand square meters.

The main scenic spots in the Yuyuan Gardens are the Urban Mountain Forest, Hualin Charming Valley, Spring Famous Historical Site, the Most Enjoyable Water-Stone Site, Treasure in the Universe and Garden within Gardens. In the garden are ridges and peaks and zigzag paths, beautifully decorated. On the walls are brick-made dragons curling around, as vivid as life, an unique sight of the their kind. They have maintained the artistic style of the south of China during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The Urban Mountain Forest is located at the west of the garden district; there are Shansui (three ears of grains) hall, Rain Swirling Tower, Grand Artificial Hill, Hall of Elegance and other scenic sights. The Grand Artificial Hill is the cream of the Yuyuan Garden, a legacy of Ming dynasty. It was constructed in accordance with the design made personally by the well-known mason Zhang Nanyang.

In the Hualin Charming Valley are waterside pavilion, winding corridors, Yihang, Floral Tower and other scenic sites.

The Most Enchanting Water stone site is situated at the eastern part famous for its ponds and artificial hills.

The Treasure in the Universe consists of ingenuous and exquisite Jade Stone, Accumulated Water Veranda, Jade Hall, Dragon Winding Bridge and other building. The exquisite and ingenuous Jade is one of the three well-known stones in the south of China with the characteristics of wrinkle, thinness, slimness, filter and transparency. Tradition has it that it the leftover of the floral stones gathered by emperor Huizong to build "Genyue Longevity Hill" in Nanjing. The Inner Garden is a garden within the Yuyuan Garden in which are such pavilions and towers, artificial hills, ponds and what not, exquisitely beautiful.

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