Jade Buddha Temple

Located in the city of Shanghai and as one of its famous Buddhist temples, Yufo Temple belongs to the Chan sect, and has a history of over one hundred years.

During the reign of Emperor Guangxu, Monk Huigen from Putuo Mountain, on his way home after paying homage to Buddha in India, brought back from Myanmar 5 jade statures of Buddha of various size, and left in Shanghai 2 white-jade statues of one seated and one reclining of Sakyamuni for the specially built temple in Jiangwan, hence the name of the Temple. It was moved to the present address in 1918. Yufo Temple constructed in the style of the palace architecture of the Song Dynasty comprises the Hall of Heavenly King, the Precious Hall of Sakyamuni, the Hall of Reclining Buddha, the Pavilion of Jade Buddha etc.

As one of most precious relics in the Temple, the seated jade statue, 1.9 meters high and carved out of a single piece of jade stone has the image of a solemn Buddha and is reputed as a gem of Buddhist art works. Housed in the middle of the Pavilion of Jade Buddha, the seated statue of Buddha is decorated with dazzling Buddhist lights and gold girdles. Enshrined in the main room of the Hall of Reclining Buddha, the reclining statue of white jade, 0.96 meter long and lying on his side on a mahogany couch, is the image of Sakyamuni in nirvana with a serene and self-possessed expression. Here the air is heavy with smoke of burning incense all the year round and the sound of scripture-chanting never comes to an end.

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