Repulse Bay

The Repulse Bay is the sandy beach of having the highest representative characteristics in Hong Kong by its long and broad beach, clean water, fresh sand, calm tide and gentle wave. There constructed on the sandy beach a Sea View Tower of Chinese ancient colour, inside which there are images of Tin Hau (the Queen of Heaven and Protectress of Seafarers) and Goddess of Mercy, Avalokitesvara more than ten meters high. Beside it, there is a Bridge of Longevity across which the image of Yuexia Laoren (the god of matchmaker) is there with a conjugal felicity stone beside him. It is said that after worshipping the god of matchmaker and striking the conjugal felicity stone, the conjugal felicity surely emerges. This is the place marriage seekers must come. At the back part of the beach, there is a building of colonial colour---Repulse Bay, whose predecessor was the Repulse Bay Hotel and now the catering and recreation center.

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