Outlying Islands

In total, there are about 260 outlying islands in Hong Kong, but only a few are populated. Most visitors do not get the opportunity to visit all of these beautiful islands due to their abundance.

The island residents have dwelled here for more than a thousand years. They have traditionally been fisherfolk and farmers, especially the Hoklo, Tanka, and Hakka people. Other descendants of these agrarian tribes have been able to maintain traditional lifestyles, but their children are now among the great number of contemporary Chinese who have sought financial and materialistic prosperity in urban areas.

Cheung Chau
A tiny island 12km southwest of Hong Kong, Cheung Chau is the smallest of the inhabited outlying islands yet it is the most populated and busiest.

Lamma is Hong Kong third largest of the outlying islands. However, it is less well-known both to visitors and to Hong Kong residents. Measuring 13 sq. km, the island is lavished with beautiful green hills and attractive bays.

Among all the outlying islands, the greatest in size and possibly in atmosphere is Lantau. With a land mass twice that of Hong Kong Island, Lantau is still rather traditional, keeping with its rural village lifestyles.

Other Islands
Currently, these other islands rely heavily on tourism to boost their development. Although fishing was the major means of livelihood for the islanders, the most profitable business is now restaurants.

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