Fubo ( Whirlpool ) Hill

Fubo Hill rises from the banks of the river and offers superb views from its summit, while halfway up is a huge cooking pot and a bell weighing 2.5 tons.

With half of the hill stretching into the river, Fubo Hill, which is 120 meters long, 60 meters wide and 213 meters in elevation, stands solitarily in the northeast of the city and west bank of Li River.

Inside the cave, a rock named Sword-Testing Rock hangs from the ceiling, nearly touching the ground. Legend has it that once a general name Fubo tested his sword by cutting what was originally a stone pillar and has left a crevice at the bottom ever since then. At the end of the cave is Thousand-Buddha Cave, where over 200 Buddha statues of the Tang dynasty (618-907) caved out of stone were kept. On the western side, a flight of steps leads to Kuishui Pavilion and then to the top. From there, one can have a bird's-eye view of the Li River.

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