Dali Three Pagodas

Three Pagodas are the ancient landmarks. They have been the symbol of Dali. It is the oldest and grandest Buddhist architecture in south China.Simultaneously,it is the cultural relic under national protection. The three pagodas are the sole building of Chongsheng temple which is located in the piedmont of Cangshan mountain and the proximity of Erhai Lake. It is because the temple has gone through the earthquake and been ruined. In Chinese it means admiring the Godness of Mercy.
The three pagodas stand there. The major Pagoda,called Qianxun Pagoda,is built during the period of NanZhao State, stands 69 meters in height and is divided into 16 stories.The two small pagodas. They were built at the beginning of 10th century during which is Dali State. Each stands 42 meters in height and is divided into 10 stories. They are made from bricks.

The three pagodas have a history of more than 1,000 years. They have witnessed the triumph and disaster of the society.Still, the three pagodas stand firm and erect. They clearly show us the exquisite and super.

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