The Humble Administrators Garden

The Humble Administrator's Garden covers 51,950 square meters (about 13 acres). It can be divided into four parts: the east, the middle, the west, and the inhabited part. The inhabited part contains agroup of Suzhou folk houses that are now the garden art museum. The main attractions of the east part are hills, grasslands, pine trees, and water. The middle part is the soul of the entire Humble Administrator's Garden. Water is the main element. Buildings are perfectly placed along the water, creating a great harmony between the natural scenery and the man-made elements. The main structure in the west part of the Humble Administrator's Garden is the Mandarin Duck Hall. The pond by the hall is in tri-square shape. With its magnificent decorations, the Mandarin Duck Hall will give you a different and unforgettable memory.

The Bonsai Garden and the Refined Stone House are two bright pearls in the Humble Administrator's Garden. Inside the bamboo fence in the west part of the garden there are almost ten-thousand bonsais which are considered the treasures of this garden. You can enjoy more than 50 kinds of beautiful bonsais. The Refined Stone House in the middle part of the garden is actually a quiet and elegant yard surrounded by water and corridors. What makes this yard amazing is that many kinds of rare stones are displayed here, which are hardly ever seen in other places. In recent years the Rhododendron Festival and the Lotus Festival are held in the Humble Administrator's Garden to enhance the beauty and elegance of garden. These types of festivals are greatly enjoyed by visitors.


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