Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill is situated in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is surrounded by water with pine and plum trees growing luxuriantly, which has the reputation of “The first scenic spot in Wu” (an area comprising southern Jiangsu Province and northern Zhejiang Province) by its imposing beauty and is the famous excursion center in China.

Although Tiger Hill does not have a large area, yet when one reaches Thousand People Rock and Sword Pond, one feels its power and grandeur, as if he himself were in the midst of precipice and deep valley. There are Leisure Spring, Testing Sword Rock, Third Spring, Broken-Pillar-Hall and Mountain Villa Wrapped in Emerald Green etc. scenic spots and historical sites.

Tiger Hill Tower: In the beginning it was built of wood, the structure of which was complicated, colorful and magnificent with unique style. The height of the Tower is 47.5m, built by laying eight cornered bricks in seven stories, a thousand year old tower renowned for its beauty inside and outside China. Due to the cause of foundation, it started leaning towards north-west direction. The lofty slant tower adds more grandeur for Hu Chiu. The leaning extent is almost similar to that of the leaning Pisa Tower of Italy.

Being a clear spring, the Tiger Hill Sword Pond takes the form of rectangle at the foot of the Tiger Hill. It is alleged that the tomb of the King, Helu of Wu is under the Sword Pond, inside which three thousand odd swords including “Bianzhu” and “Yuchang” precious swords were buried.

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