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Qiqihar is the municipality of Heilongjiang (Heilungkiang) Province in northeastern China , a rail center and port on the Nen River (a tributary of the Songhua River ). The municipality includes the city of Qiqihar ; nearby Hulan Ergi, a major industrial center; and adjacent agricultural areas. Manufactures include iron and steel, transportation equipment, machinery, machine tools, chemicals, processed food (especially sugar and soybean products), and wood and paper products. One of the oldest cities of northeastern China , Qiqihar was founded as a walled military fortress in the late 17th century. From 1931 to 1945 it was an important military center for Japanese-controlled Manchuria . Modern industrialization, begun by the Japanese in the 1930s, accelerated under Chinese direction after 1949 with an emphasis on steel and heavy machinery. Population (1991) is 1,524,803
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