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Shenzhen is located in the southern tip of China , borders Hong Kong to the south. It has a total area of 2,020 square km. The terrain is higher in the northeast and lower in the southwest. With a marine climate, Shenzhen has an average temperature of 22.4 degree centigrade  throughout the year.

Shenzhen has a long history and beautiful scenery. Beautiful China is the largest miniature scenic park in the world. At the Chinese Folk Culture Village you can enjoy China 's colorful folk customs developed from thousands of years. Xiangmi Lake and Xili Lake holiday villages are beautiful places where tourists can enjoy birds and flowers. The Marine Center for Tourists has a unique style. You can also enjoy a blue sky and white clouds on the silver-color sand of Xiaomeisha beach.

Shenzhen is attracting more and more Chinese and overseas tourists for its unique beauty.

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