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Yantai located at the middle part of Shandong Peninsula , overlooks Liaodong Peninsula across the Bohai Sea and Huanghai Sea to its north. The city has total area of 13,000 square km, and the cultivated land of 467,000 hectares in which there are 300,000 hectares for framing, and 500,000 hectares grain sown area annually. The city has 909 km coastal line, with 600,000 hectares zone possible for developing. The city has 4 districts, 7 county-level cities and 1 county with the total population of 6.43 million, in which 4.45 million are peasants.

Yantai located at the middle latitude , enjoys the seasonal continental temperate climate with annual average temperature of 11.8, average rainfall about 700mm and more than 200 days forest-free days.

Yantai has a long history and it is called "Zhifu" in the ancient times. In B.C. 200 years, Chinese first emperor drew a bow to shoot the fish here, the left site is called "diao yu tai"(in Chinese, it means the place where you fish). In A.D.1398, in order to defense the enemies from the sea, the government of the Ming Dynasty built the beacon tower here, from which the city derived her name "Yantai"( in Chinese, it means the place where smoke is produced to give warning ). In 1861, Yantai became one of the first opening ports in the modern China .

Yantai is the birthplace of the famous Shandong cuisine and also boasts richness in marine products. Peanuts and various fruits are the major agricultural exports while wines and clocks are well known throughout the country.

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