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Yichang City is praised for an active place on the economic belt along the Yangtze river in Hubei Province .It has a good economic foundation and is suitable for investment.

Yichang is the joint place connecting the east technique area and west resources area and the intersection of the golden port of the Yangtze River and the Jiaoliu railway. Its singularly favorable economic position and well situated geographic position, as well as its convenient traffic, transportation and communications enable Yichang to play an important role in the country 's overall economic layout. In 1994 Yichang was appointed by the State Council to be an open city. Its Xingshan County , Zigui County and Yichang County are listed and arranged in the Three Gorges Economy Development Zone. All this can both well serve the Three Gorges Project and make Yichang a hot spot to support the whole Yangtze economy belt.

Owing to the construction of the Gezhouba Dam, Yichang was turned from a small city into a medium-size city. Now the Yangtze River Three Gorges Project, the world super project and the focus of global attention, is being built in Yichang. This is speeding up the development of Yichang, who is leaping from a medium city to a big city.

In 2009, when the TGP is completed successfully, Yichang City will be built into an international modernized large city. It will be the main port of external economic contacts in west Hubei and easy Chongqing . Along with the Yangtze developing belt, Yichang is setting up the Qingjiang River and Jiaoliu Railway Cross Area a national economic development zone, a national tourism vocation zone and a bonded warehouse.

Now, Yichang is ready to welcome all merchants and investor at home and abroad and Yichang People's Government will grant most favorable policies to all comers.
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