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Fujian Province
Fujian Province (Min for short) is located on the southeast coast of China, with an area of over 120,000 square kilometers and a population of 31 million.
Lying in China's southeast hilly area, mountains and hills make up the vast majority of Fujian's territory, while only narrow strips of the east seaside are plains. Fujian's coastline is long and zigzag with numerous offshore islands. Most of its rivers empty into the sea separately. Fujian is endowed with sub-tropical humid climate, and rich forest resources and mineral deposits which

mainly include iron, coal, manganese and graphite.
Light industry is Fujian's major industrial branch. Key industrial products comprise electronics, light industrial products, foodstuff, aquatic products in the coastal area, and raw materials, timber products, chemicals in the hinterland. Its foodstuff, canned food, leather shoos, arts and crafts, watches, timber processing and electronics industries hold a significant position in China. The coastal area is renowned for fishing inxdustry. Main farm produce includes rice, sugarcanes, tea and tropical fruits. Fujian has the largest output of Longan fruit in China.
Railway is its mainstay of transportation, while highway and coastal shipping also play an important role. Xiamen is a major seaport and Nanping is the center of Min River shipping.
As one of the locations of China Special Economic Zone, and separated with Taiwan by only the straits, Fujian has the unique advantages to carry out overseas economic and technical cooperations by utilizing their capital and technology.
Fujian abounds in tropical natural tourist resources. The famous scenic spots and historical sites comprise the Wuyi Mountain, Qinyuan Mountain, Gulangyu and Wanshi Mountain. Its main traditional specialties are Wulong Tea, oranges of Zhangzhou, Longan of Jinjiang, boodiless lacquerware of Fuzhou, stone carving of Shoushan and woodcarving of Quanzhou.