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Guangdong Province
Guangdong (Yue for short) is located in South China, with an area of 178,000 square kilometers, and a population of 65 million.
It adjoins the Wuling Mountains to the north and the South China Sea to the south, with a landscape sloping from north to south. It's mountainous in north, and in the south there are coastal plains, hills and tablelands. The deltas of the Pearl River and Han River are its chief plains. The West River, North River and East River known as "The Peal River System" as well as Han

River are Guangdong's main waterways. Its coastline is long and zigzag with numerous offshore islands. With the Tropic of Cancer running across its central land, Guangdong is, in the main, subject to south sub-tropical humid climate. Its abundant mineral resources include tungsten, tin, antimony, molybdenum, copper, zinc and lead, which all hold an important position in China.
Its main industrial products cover cane-sugar, garments, leather, paper, stationery, arts & crafts, pharmaceuticals, plastics, cement, ceramics for daily use, consumer electronics, watches, cameras, electric machinery, electronics, and communication equipments. The output value of which all stand in the forefront in China. Guangdong also holds an important place in China in the production of meat, jute and tropical crops. It has well-developed sea and ocean fishing as well as freshwater and seawater aquiculture.
Railway and shipping are Guangdong's mainstay of transport, while there's convenient highway communication. Its numerous seaports facilitate shipping.
As one of the locations of China's Special Economic Zones, and bordering on Hong Kong and Macu, Guangdong has marked advantage in utilizing overseas capital and technology and carrying out foreign economic and technical cooperation. Foreign-oriented economic structure has taken shape. Guangdon stands in the forefront in the scale of both foreign fund utilized and export earnings in China.
Due to its excellent natural and human sites and sceneries, Guangdong has advanced tourism. Among the main scenic spots and historical sites are Yuexiu Hill in Guangzhou, botanical garden of South China, Star Lake in Zhaoqin, Seven Stars Crags and Dinghu Mountain.

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