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Gui is short for Guangxi Zhuangzu autonomous region. It lies in the northern part in China. It is 230 thousand square kilometers in area. The population is 43.6 million.
There are so many mountains all around here. In the middle part are hills and plains. The hilly land occupied 85 percent of the area. And the plain only occupied 15 percent. The plains in Yujiang and Hongshui River are much larger. Zhujiang flows all the region from the west to the east. And it has so many minor aspects. Among them, Yujiang is the longest one. It is the moist l

monsoon climate in subtropics. Guangxi abounds in mineral resources. The reserves of manganese, vanadium, titanium, tin, lead, zinc and copper are in the first place in China. The resources of crops and waterpower are plentifutoo.
In agriculture, there is rice, sugar-cane, peanut, tobacco and flax, etc. In the south, the tropical industrial crops are very important too. The gulf in the north is a fishery. The heavy industry, including machine, iron and steal, electric power and non-ferrous metals, are developing at a quicker tempo. In light industry, sugar production and canned food are the two most important ones. And the output of them is in the first place in the whole country. The main communication is railway. And also, the highway and shopping are convenient.
Guangxi is a place with green hills and clear waters-picturesque scenery. It is widely dispersed by limestone. They formed wonderful caves and peals. The places of interest here are Li River, Xing'an Ling canal and Guipingxi Mountain. The traditional specialties are shell carving, brocade, Guiping cassia bark and Guinan Chinese anise.

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