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Guizhou Province
Guizhou province known for short as Qian, is situated at southwest of China. It has an area of 170 thousand square kilometers and a population of 33 million.
Guizhou province is located at the northeastern part of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau with high terrain in the west and low relief in the middle. The surface is rugged and rough. The headwaters of these areas belong to the Yangtze River System and Wujiang the principal river flows through the north. The province belongs to the subtropical humid monsoon climatic zone. Mercury, stibium,

lead, manganese and coal are ranked as the most important minerals.
In the field of industries, priorities are placed on the development of coal, metallurgy, chemical, machinery, electric power, cigarette, textile and papermaking industries. In the fields of agriculture and by-products, there are mainly paddy rice, maize, rapeseed, tobacco; and the outputs of tung oil, oil tea, Chinese Tallow, raw lacquer, tea and traditional Chinese medicinal materials have occupied a predominant position in the domestic market. Railway is the priority communication line and highway traffic also plays an important role in communication. The landforms with widely dispersed karst topography in Guizhou Province have created a picturesque scenery with grandeur. Places of historic interest and scenic beauty are the Yellow Fruit Tree Waterfall, Anshun Water Cave of Dragon Palace, Gold-knit Cave, Red Maple Lake and the Lesser Seven-Arched Scenic Site. There are such traditional local products and specialties as Anshun Wax Printing, Jade Screen Whistle and Flute, Ruled Pattern Lacquerware, Maotai and Dong (spirits).