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Hebei Province
Ji is short for Hebei Province. It lies in the southern part in China, 190 thousand square kilometers in area, and with a population is 62.5 million.
Hebei located in the northern part of Huabei Plain, and in the southeastern part of Nei Menggu Plateau. In the southeastern part of Hebei, there are plains. They occupy 40 percent in area, with plateaus and hilly lands occupy 60 percent. They are mainly formed by Zhangbei Plateau, Jibei Hilly land and Jixi Hilly land. Bohai is to the East of Hebei. The rivers here belong to the Hai
Amongst the lakes, Baiyangdian is the largest. It has a semi-dry continental monsoon climate in temperate zone. It abounds in mineral resources, there are coal, petroleum, iron, lime stone, asbestos, phosphorus, vanadium, platinum and lead. And the reserves of them are the most abundant in China. The grain crops in Hebei are wheat, corn, Chinese sorghum and cereals. The output of wheat, cotton, iron and steel, coal, petroleum and textile goods is in the important place in China. And also, there are electric power, machinery, chemical industry and building materials. The communications here are very convenient. Mainly, there is railway.
Also, there is highway, water transport and aviation. Qinhuangdao is the important port of the ocean shipping. The development of piping petroleum is at a high speed.
In Hebei, the history cultural resources is abound. There are some beautiful hills and waters. The places of interest are Chengde Summer Resort Manor, Waiba Temple, Qinhuangdao, Beidaihe, Laishui Yesanpo, Cangyan Mountain in Jingjing and so on. The traditional specialties are Zhangbei mushroom, Hebei pears, Xuanhua grapes, Shenzhou honey peaches, Tangshan pottery and Zhuzhou blankets.