China Map


Henan Province
Yu is short for Henan Province. It lies in the mid-lower reach of the Yellow River, with an area of 160 thousand square kilometers in area, and a population of 88.1 million.
In the north, west and south, there are some hilly areas. In the east, there are some wide plains. The hills occupy 44 percent, and the others are plains, river valley and basins. In the northern part, The Yellow River flows from the West to the East. And in the southeastern part, there is Huai River. To the South of Funiu Mountain and the Huai River, it is humid monsoon climate in the
inferior-torrid zone. To the north, it has a semi-humid monsoon climate in the temperate zone. The mineral resources are amongst the most abundant in China. Mainly, there is coal, petroleum, natural-gas, aluminum and molybdenum.
In agriculture, there are wheat, cotton, tobacco, sesame and peanut.
The output of them is amongst the most important in the whole country. The produces of coal, petroleum, chemical fertilizer, synthetic ammonia, chemical fibre, flat sheet glass and tractors are in the important places in our country. The main means of transportation is railway. Also, the highway system is well developed.
Henan is a source of ancient civilization. It holds a very important position in Chinese history. The places of interest here is Song Mountain, Jigong Mountain, the White-horse Temple in Luoyang, Longmen Caves, the Chancellor Temple in Kaifeng, Tie Tower, Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, Zhongyue Temple and so on. The traditional specialties are imitate Tangsancai, Henan embroidery in Kaifeng, Maojian Tea in Xinyang and Dukang Wine in Luoyang.