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Hunan Province
Hunan province known for short as Xiang is located at the south bank of the middle reaches of Yangtze River, which has area of 210,000 square km. and a population of 62,090,000.
To the east, south and west are mountainous area on three sides, the terrain slopes gently in the mid-north and a basin of a horse's hoof shape is formed with Dongting Lake as its center. The plain accounts for 20% of the total area with Dongting Lake plain in the north occupying the main part of it. Almost all the rivers belong to the Dongting Lake water system with the four

rivers -- Xiang, Zi, Hang and Li as the biggest, emptying into China's important lake -- the Dongting Lake. Hunan Province belongs to the subtropical humid monsoon climatic zone. It is rich in mineral resources, such as non-ferrous metals, and rare metals, which occupy an important place in China. The important metals are stadium, lead, zinc, tungsten, fluorite, aluminum, mercury, kaolin, manganese, tin, vanadium, etc.
The output of paddy rice and ramie captures an important place in China's market; the output of tea, rapeseed, tea-seed oil and tung oil and the number of live pigs also occupy an important place in China's domestic market. The non-ferrous metal industry forms the important basis of the country's industry, and the machinery, papermaking, hemp textile, electric power, iron and steel and other industries have gained big development. The communications are convenient with railway traffic as its main and the highway traffic and inland water transport also occupy an important place.
Hunan Province is famous for its picturesque scenery. There are places of historic interest and scenic beauty, such as Yuelu Mountain, Heng Mountain, Yueyang Tower, Dongting Lake and Wuling Fountainhead. The traditional local products and specialties are Changsha Xiang Embroidery, Liuyang Fireworks and firecrackers, Yueuang Fan Changsha Xiang Lotus, Yueyang Whitebait (salangid) and Shaoyang Bambo shots, etc.