China Map


Jiangsu Province
Shu is short for Jiangsu Province. It lies in the East of China, has an area of 100 thousand square kilometers in area and a population is 67.7 million.
Jiangsu borders on the Huanghai in the east. The areas of plains are very wide, they go beyond the Huanghai, the Huai River Plain and the plains in mid-lower reach of the yangtze. The southwestern part is mountain area. The Yangtze River flows in the south, the Huai River flows in the north, and the canal runs through the north and the south. In Jiangsu, there are so many
rivers and lakes. Some people often call here the region of rivers and lakes. To the north of the Huai river, it has a semi-humid monsoon climate in the warm temperate zone. To the south, it has a humid monsoon climate in the inferior-torrid zone. Amongst its mineral products, there is coal, phosphorus and pottery clay.
In Jiangsu, the industries and the agriculture here are very developed. Amongst its agriculture produces, the output of rice, cotton, oil, cocoon, pigs and fresh-water fish occupy an important place in China. Its most important industries are machinery, chemical industry, electric power, textile, food, electron, paper-making and cement. Its cultural, education, industrial art and physical education are amongst the first places in China. The railway, highway and inland water transport form the traffic-network. It is not only dense but also convenient.
There are a lot of places of interest. Among them, Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Tomb in Nanjing, Xuanwu Lake, Yuntai Mountain in Lianyungang, the West Lake in Yangzhou, the Tai Lake in Wuxi, Suzhou Garden and the three caves in Yixing. The special specialties are Suzhou embroider, Yixing pottery, Yangzhou lacquer ware, Wuxi clay figurine, Nanjing pressed salted duck, Taihu Biluochun tea and Yanghe white spirit.