China Map


Jilin Province

Jilin shares a borderline spanning more than 1,400 kilometers with the Russian Federation and the Democratic People¡¯s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Bordering on Russia in the east and facing the Democratic People¡¯s Republic of Korea, across the rivers of Yalu and Tumen in the southeast, Jilin Province is located in the center of Northeast China, with Liaoning Province to its south, Inner Mongolia on its west and Heilongjiang Province to the north. The name Jilin is the abbreviation of Jilinwula and its transliteration comes from Manchu language.

The towering Mount Changbai and the rolling waves of the Songhua River, a boundless stretch of plain feature the province. Touring on this crane loved land with convenient transportation and nice hotel accommodations, many unique places attract the tourist, such as the Palace Museum of the last Qing Emperor, fascinating Film Studio, the rimy pines, the heritage of Koguryo, the fabulous Ginseng Road, Ice and Snow Festival of (Soft) Rime (or rime) in Jilin, Changbai International Film Festival, Festival of Native Customs of Korean nationality in Yanbian and the Customs of the Ancient Manchu Nationality, all leaving beautiful memory. Also it is the best place to purchase the famous three treasures in Northeast China£ºginseng£¨Ginseng is well known for its tonic effect £¬sable£¨fur£©deer£¨antler£©¡£Soft rime £¨or rime£©in Jilin£¬together with sunrise at Mount Tai in Shandong Province£¬sea of clouds over Huangshan in Anhui Province£¬and Qiantang rolling-tide in Zhejiang Province£¬are reputed as four marvelous natural phenomena in China¡£