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Qinghai Province
Qing is short for Qinghai Province. It lies in the northern part in China. It is 720,000 square kilometers in area with a population is 4.4 million.
Qinghai located in Qingzang Plateau. The topography here is very complicated. There is hilly area, plateau, basin and valley, but the most parts are plateaus and hilly areas. Qinghai is the origin of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Lancang River. It has a continental plateau climate. It abounds in mineral resources, with the reserves of Li, salt, Br, asbestos, mica amongst the most
abundant in China. Also, Qinghai abounds in petroleum, natural gas, coal, iron and some kinds of non-ferrous metals.
Its major industries are machinery, livestock products, chemical industry, metallurgical industry and petroleum industry. In agriculture, the main produces are wheat, highland barley, grains, rape and sugar-beet. The animal husbandry is well developed. Qinghai is one of the main pastoral areas in China. There are a lot of kinds of livestock. They are sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, camels yaks and so on. The highway system here is very important. The railway, aviation and popular transportation forms the traffic network.
Qinghai is at the source of the rivers in Ximalaya. It has some natural and civilizing resources, specially, the long history, the unique mountains and the national favour. The places of interest here are Qinghai Lake, Riyue Mountain, Ta'er Temple and Xining Mosque. The traditional specialties are blanket, fur, silver material and a kind of fish that is without scale in Qinghai Lake.