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Zhejiang Province
Zhejiang Province (Zhe for short ) is located at south-east coast of China, covering an area of 100,000 square kilometers, and with a population of 42.9 million.
It's a mountainous and vast regions, with major plains situated along the coast and at the river mouths, of which the Hangjia Lake plain in the South Yangtze River delta is the largest in area.
Offshore islands are numerous. Its chief river, the Qiantang River runs across the

northern part of the Province. Zhejiang has a north sub-tropical humid climate. Principal mineral resources are alum, and fluorspar, in addition to coal, iron, lead and pyrite. Zhejiang has well-developed light and heavy industries. The former mainly comprise cotton textile, linen, silks, papermaking, tea processing and wine-brewage. While the latter are machine-building and sewing etc. With Zhoushan fishing ground being No.1 in China in size, Zhejian is abundant in croakers, hair-tail fish, inkfish and freshwater fish as well. Its major farm produce includes rice, silk cocoons, tea, jute, bamboos and oranges. Ningbo and Wenzhou are its two main ports.
Zhejiang is endowed with lush mountains and exquisite waters, and rich in historical and cultural resources. Main scenic spots and historical sites are West Lake in Hangzhou, Putuo Mountain, Shengsi Archipelago, Nanxi River, Tiantai Mountian and Mogan Mountain. Among famous chief specialities are Hangzhou silk satin and brocade, longjing tea, hem of Jinhua, sweet oranges of Huangyan, rice wine of Shaoxing.